Raising a Bookworm

I love to read! I can breeze through a book in a night…well, I could BEFORE I had a 4 month old ;)  My point is, I have had an acute interest in books since I was a tiny tot. I remember my mom reading to my sister and I, taking us to the library for storytime and checking out books on a regular basis.  I learned to love the smell of the library, and the accomplishment of finishing a good read.  It is because of these memories that I want to instill the same love of reading into my Penelope.

From the Get-Go

My husband and I have been reading to her ever since she was born. She already has a pretty hefty library of her own including 57 Dr. Seuss books that my husband scored on ebay.  We spend at least 30 minutes to an hour a day reading to her, letting her turn the pages and suck on the corners of the books.  I was surprised and delighted to see, that even at four months of age, her eyes would grow big while looking at a character on a page and she would giggle when I made the mean “Grinch voice.”

Book Babies!

It was because of her keen interest in story time ( and my own lack of adult interaction) that I decided to take her to our library’s story time made specifically for babies called “book babies”.  Today was our first visit. It was absolutely hilarious to see all ages of babies from 4 months to 12 months scooting around, cooing at each other, singing, dancing and staring at books.  The coordinator blew bubbles and Penelope stared at them with delight.  We danced as we sang “Row, row, row your boat” and we giggled at the fun tossing games.  I look forward to many more “book babies” sessions as well as reading to her on my own, especially since we joined the summer reading club. =)

Our favorite books

I would like to share some of the titles of our favorite books:

At bedtime I like to read her my favorite “little golden” book, Sleepy Story. I remember begging my mom to read me this at night. I loved the animals in their jammers, with their coordinated curtains saying “mommy, read me a story” just like I was asking my mom.

Of course, one of Penelope’s favorite books is “Princess Penelope”.

princess penelope book

princess penelope book

My sister got it for her for my baby shower, which was also in theme with the book, including a large princess penelope donut!  In this book, a little girl named Penelope believes she is a real life princess because her parents dote on her. It’s a really cute book and I’m trying to tell myself that my little girl will not let the princess thing go to her head…lol ;)

princess penelope donut from Voodoo Doughnuts

princess penelope donut from Voodoo Doughnuts

Last but not least, I really love the Dr. Seuss book, “Scrambled Eggs Super”. It’s one I barely remember reading as a kid, although I am sure I did. I think I may enjoy it more now than I ever could have then. Penelope really likes the rhyming and rhythm of it as well. It follows a little boy on his retelling adventure of collecting the rarest bird eggs for his amazing scrambled egg meal. Gotta love clasic Dr. Seuss!

Scrambled Eggs Super

Scrambled Eggs Super

I hope this has inspired you and your little ones to pick up a book. =)

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