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Toddler Snack ideas : Snail mandarin oranges

Tomorrow I am volunteering in the preschool class again and it is my turn to bring in the “fruit” snack. After much thought I decided upon these cute little snail mandarin oranges. They’re perfect for little ones, being that they … Continue reading

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Roasted chickpeas and butterfly toddler snack idea

Penelope is now in preschool at a Cooperative which means I get to be involved! Once a month I am in the classroom and on those days it is my responsibility to bring a snack.  Last Thursday was my first … Continue reading

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The Best Salsa Recipe for Canning!

It’s that time of year… the sun is starting to slowly disappear and the clouds will soon be rolling in. The summer garden is giving one last deliverance of delicious red tomatoes, spicy peppers and savory garlic. There’s just one … Continue reading

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Lazy Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe

I love cheesecake! It is so yummy, but it takes a long time to make and isn’t exactly the healthiest treat.  Some nights, however, my mind tells me “you NEED cheesecake!”  So, the other night I said “okay mind, here … Continue reading

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Crockin’ Girl’s Chicken Tortilla Soup

I adore my crockpot! It allows me to start dinner in the morning during my down time and then relax all day….or rather spend time with my crazy little 3 year old.  I make dinner in the crock pot about … Continue reading

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How to make Elderberry Syrup for the sick season

It’s that time of year! The weather is cold and we are forced indoors to entertain ourselves and our wee ones. We find germs around every corner and no matter how careful we are, the kids still end up sick! … Continue reading

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The great hummus adventure!

I have been trying to find the perfect homemade hummus recipe for a while. I like my hummus to be light on the lemon and heavy on the garlic and I have yet to find that perfect balance, however with … Continue reading

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Homemade Enchilada Sauce!

There are a few things that are “go to” recipes. It seems I usually always have the ingredients to make them, but sometimes I find that I am missing just one key ingredient and it drives me bonkers! One of … Continue reading

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Crockpot Veggie Lentil Stew: Older baby Nummies part 6

As Penelope gets older it seems like it is harder and harder to get veggies into her. She always wants to skip ahead to the fruit and sweet stuff, that’s why this recipe is such a great way to get … Continue reading

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Vegetable Orzo: Older baby nummies part 5

This particular recipe has been a big hit with my little one! I also love it and sneak bites of hers when I prepare it for her. It would make a great dish to serve your whole family as a … Continue reading

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