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Raising a Bookworm

I love to read! I can breeze through a book in a night…well, I could BEFORE I had a 4 month old ;)  My point is, I have had an acute interest in books since I was a tiny tot. … Continue reading

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A Crafty Solution

I got a phone call from a friend yesterday. She was upset because her puppy, Jasper had to have a catheter put in for the second time since he ripped out the first one. (ouch!)  She tried to put one … Continue reading

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A part-time vegetarian

My husband and I have been trying to think up several clever ways to save money since I am now a stay at home mom.  Along with not eating out, eating leftovers as lunch and clipping coupons, we have found … Continue reading

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Is that Dinner or Dessert?!?!

For my very first Mothers Day, my beautiful daughter, Penelope gifted me the best cooking book ever! It is all about making cupcakes and is called “Hello Cupcake”.  After receiving this amazing book I feel compelled to make awesome cupcakes … Continue reading

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The Ribbon War

I live in a small two bedroom home with my husband, daughter and two Rottweilers. Although I am superbly grateful I own a home at all, it can be quite challenging fitting everything we would like into such a small … Continue reading

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