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T-shirt Upcycle: The super hero cape and accessories

Most of us have been there… it’s another boring day with no activities planned and our kids are driving us nuts. Play-doh only gives us 20 minutes of peace and that new Palace Pet that we thought would allow for … Continue reading

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Toddler Snack ideas : Snail mandarin oranges

Tomorrow I am volunteering in the preschool class again and it is my turn to bring in the “fruit” snack. After much thought I decided upon these cute little snail mandarin oranges. They’re perfect for little ones, being that they … Continue reading

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Toddler Activities: Glitter putty

I have been wanting to do this for quite some time after seeing a friend make her son some. I was so excited when I was at Target today and saw that they had glitter glue in purple! Purple is … Continue reading

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Cute jeans and zoo trips

Last week we beat the heat by heading out to the shady, windy corridors of the Oregon Zoo.  I loaded up Penelope, myself and my best friend Emy and we set out on an adventure full of animals, ice cream … Continue reading

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Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet Penelope!

March 16th was Penelope’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe my little buggy has grown up so fast! She is so much fun these days.  Lately she has realized that she was on the cusp of the big #2 and has … Continue reading

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A fish out of water!

Don’t worry, I will get back on track and start talking coupon talk again soon. I was a little distracted by family stuff, crafty stuff and of course Penelope. Not to mention that the stores are rewriting their coupon policies, … Continue reading

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Happy Easter 2011!

This past Sunday was Easter!  It was technically Penelope’s second Easter holiday but it felt like it was her first. Last year she was just a tiny newborn and we were so tired and worn out that it didn’t even … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Banana Oat Cookies: Older baby Nummies Part 2

Very little smells better than a loaf of homemade banana bread baking in the oven. This recipe helps to capture that essence in a healthy, easy to make (and vegan friendly) baby cookie. Let me warn you…you may find yourself … Continue reading

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Valentines Day….the baby way!

Okay, so I know I said that my next post was going to show the Christmas outfit I made for Penelope…however I wanted to hurry and write one about Valentines Day since it is quickly approaching and I want to … Continue reading

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The rain can’t stop us!

Becoming a stay at home mom has had its challenges. Of course financially, but also in relation to my own sanity!  I’ve always been a person that has owned a business, worked two jobs or worked while going to school. … Continue reading

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