Wedding dresses and craft table messes Part #2

Quick update on my wedding dress > flower girl dress project!

I am now finished with the main dress. I think it turned out rather well! I even installed my very first zipper successfully (which was a tough job to manage with all that crinkly Chantilly lace in the way!).

The zipper successfully installed in the dress

The finishing touch on the dress itself is going to be a chocolate brown satin sash. I haven’t finished it quite yet because I am still trying to decide exactly what to do for it. When I wrap a piece of the chocolate silk around it, it seems to be too stark in comparison to the softness and color of the dress. I’m trying to decide if I should just make a smaller sash or if I should cover it in chantilly lace to soften the darkness of the brown.  I need to try and make my decision by the weekends end so I can wrap up the dress part of the project.

A companion to the dress

In my last post I talked of how I wasn’t sure if I should put sleeves into the dress or not. After talking to Bonnie we decided to make a capelet.  Last week I went ahead and made one from a very easy pattern found online.  I think it turned out rather well and can’t wait to see Delilah try it on!

The Capelet over the dress

the capelet on its own

capelet closeup with ribbon tie detail

Once the sash is finished I can move on to the next components of the project: Garter, Basket liner, Ring pillow and keepsake box.  As always, I will keep you up to date on the happenings!

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