My adorable little sprite (vote for her!)

When I was younger there were never any store bought costumes in our house.  My mom would always make our Halloween costumes for us.  It was amazing! Not only did she always do a fabulous job, but we were able to be anything we wanted to be, regardless of if the stores sold it or not.  Amongst many things I was Woolma Lamb from The Getalong Gang, a rocker from Jem and the Holograms and of course Pippi Longstocking, complete with wired braids!

Me as a character from She-Ra

A Loving Tradition

Of course I was super excited getting to choose and make Penelope’s very first Halloween costume!  I was Rainbow Brite a few years ago and I decided that I would be her again and that Penelope could dress as her adorable fuzzy Sprite sidekick named Twink.  Of course it is no longer the 1980s so I wasn’t able to run to the fabric store for a pattern. Instead, I got out my trusty roll of freezer paper and got to sketching a Sprite outfit.   My goal was to keep this project cheap and to try and use as much existing material I had on hand as I could.  I ended up only having to buy some orange fabric, batting and fuzzy white fabric a total of about only $12

The Sewing Begins

I started off by making the headpiece, which is basically a helmet-like hat with star antenna. After feeling a little more confident in working with this thick, puffy material I started the bodice. I saved the hardest part for last, the rainbow ringed legs. I tried out a few different models. They looked really cool, but just weren’t realistic for a 7 month old to wear. I decided to go with the last pair I made. They only used batting rather than stuffing so they weren’t too warm or puffy for her little legs to move around in.

One of the failed sets of rainbow baby pants

The final and winning set of rainbow pants

The Result

Penelope in her full costume waiting to get her photos taken.

Penelope's 1st Halloween portrait

I’m so excited with the finished product! Not to mention, I’m rather proud of the outcome.  I went ahead and entered her in some online Halloween photo contests. I would really appreciate any votes if you don’t mind taking the time.  Here are the ones I entered and the links to go and vote for them.  Do note that you may have to sign up for a free account with them in order to vote. I know this is annoying but I would still really appreciate a vote if you have the time. I worked super hard and the prizes offered would be so great for my little Sprite.  ;)

Contest #1

Contest #2

Speaking of Rainbow Brite…

I pulled my costume from storage and decided that there was no way it could hold a flame next to Penelope’s Sprite costume. I had made it back before I had taken up sewing and it was crudely hot glued together. (funny how I thought it was so cool back then and now think it is garbage lol).  It had to be done, I had to make a new costume for myself. I recycled the main dress piece from my previous costume but completely cleaned it off and started from a clean slate.  I even made the puffy boots to match!  I think that we are now the perfect, colorful pair!

Penelope and I in our costumes ( I still need to make my sleeves)

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