Modcloth Stylish Surprise!

Last week I received an email from Modcloth (one of my most favorite stores) and it notified me that they were having their Stylish Surprise deal! I had missed it every time before, so I rushed to the site and ordered one for myself! For those of you unfamiliar with what this is all about, let me explain: You go to their website and find the Stylish Surprise listing. They had shoes or clothes but sadly shoes were already sold out of my size. You then put in your size and for $15 plus $4 shipping they will send you a surprise item ranging in value from $30 to $250.00. Not a bad gamble eh?  The hardest part was waiting the 7 days for the package to arrive. Today it appeared on my doorstep and I am about to share the glorious goods with you….photo

The box felt very heavy so I was crossing my fingers for a big, poofy dress…however upon opening the box I was greeted by a fabulous jacket! Now, most people might look at this color and think: “barf!” but for a natural copper redhead like me, this color is absolutely divine! It’s almost as if they knew I was a ginger!


I opened up the package to see more detail of what I received and was so pleased to see that it was a dress length jacket with a flared skirt and a super cute belted

Next thing I did was try it on, of course!  Now, I have a wide back and my arms are a bit on the “beefy” side (lol) so it is a little bit snug, but hey…$19 for a jacket that when I looked up the brand, sell for $200.00…well I can deal with a little bit of snugness!  Anyhow, I’d say my Stylish Surprise experience was pretty darn good! I will most definitely do it again next time. ;) So…did any of you order one? Please share with me what you scored!photo(3)

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