Get Squashed:Organics Gone Affordable Part 2

As promised in a previous blog post, here is another tasty, step by step tutorial for making homemade organic acorn squash baby food:

Acorn Squash

  1. Cut your acorn squash in half. Spoon out the seeds in the center of either half and toss them
  2. Fill a baking dish with 1- 1/2″ with water and rest both squash halves in the water open side down. (picture displays one side up just so you can see it seeded)

    Acorn squash, seeded and halved

  3. Roast squash halves in the oven at 400 degrees for 40 minutes.

    Acorn squash, baked

  4. Once roasted, scoop out the soft flesh and put it into a food processor.

    Scooped out acorn squash flesh

  5. save the baked squash water to add to the food processor, helping to thin down the puree as needed during the mixing process.

    reserved water after baking

  6. Once pureed you end up with a smooth, pudding-like consistency.

    Acorn squash puree

  7. Spoon the mixture into your ice cube trays, cover with saran wrap and freeze.

    Acorn squash puree, spooned into an ice cube tray

  8. Once frozen, remove from the tray, label a  freezer bag with the title and date and seal the squash ice cubes in the bag.  They are good in the freezer for one month.

    Labeled Acorn squash cubes!

Helpful hint! To find out exactly how much each cube serving is, use a measuring spoon to fill up the ice cube tray. I used a teaspoon of water, poured it into one cube space and found that each cube is exactly one teaspoon.

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