Nummy Nectarine: Organics gone affordable part 3

To follow the delicious Acorn Squash baby food tutorial here is something a bit sweeter…nummy nectarine puree! It even comes out a pretty pink color! <3

Fresh organic nectarine

Nectarine Puree

  1. Wash nectarines thoroughly. Cut in half and take out pit
  2. Fill a baking dish with 1- 1 1/2″ of water. Place nectarines open side down in dish

    Nectarines: pitted, halved and in water. (put both facing down, this is just to demonstrate the procedure)

  3. bake in the oven at 400 degrees checking every 5 minutes or so until skin has wrinkled.

    Nectarines after baking (they smell delicious!)

  4. Keep the water to add to the puree mixture as you blend in case it needs thinning.

    reserved nectarine water after baking

  5. Peel skin off of fruit flesh. (this should be really easy to do if they have been baked long enough.

    Naked nectarine! ;)

  6. Put baked nectarine flesh into the food processor and blend until it is a smooth consistency. Because of the amount of juice in the nectarine you will find that it is thinner than squash and may not have to add any reserved water.

    nectarine puree

  7. Fill an ice cube tray with the nectarine puree and freeze

    Ice cube tray filled with nectarine puree

  8. Remove from ice tray, label a freezer bag with the title and date.

    pretty pink nectarine ice cubes!

They turned out so yummy looking that I may just have to steal one from Penelope when she has them ;)

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