Hair Attitudes: Now taking Blythe clients!

You can now make your dolls hair shimmer and sparkle!  Hair Attitudes are tiny glittering strands of tinsel rooted into your dolls scalp.  They currently come in an array of 11 different colors and I plan to unveil new colors in the future if people show enough interest in the service. Colors available (top to bottom, left to right):  Black, chocolate brown, champagne blonde, silver, Blue, Green, Gold, Copper, Light pink, Red, Pink, Lavender

12 available Hair Attitude colors!

One of the coolest things about them is they can be curled, flat ironed or ironed, withstanding heat up to 400 degrees! This means once they are in your dolls hair, you still have the freedom to style her hair with the ironing method if she has saran, or with a flat iron or curling iron if she sports mohair!

You can play it safe by using a sparkling chocolate color in brown haired dolls, a coppery bronze in redheads and a shimmering champagne in blondes…..

A chocolate brown medium sized streak in brown hair.

A close up of the chocolate colored streak in brown hair

…or go wild and add in a high contrast color from any choice in the rainbow.  Better yet, request a rainbow patterned streak!!! The possibilities are endless! lol ;)

Bold silver "all over" strands in pink hair. Before any styling.

A close up of bold silver strands in pink hair

I am now taking spots on my waiting list for those interested in obtaining this service. You can view my waiting list availability HERE, and learn all the details regarding the Hair Attitudes service HERE.

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