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I feel a little ashamed that I haven’t written a post since Halloween! Yikes! Life has been incredibly busy lately and I apologize. Not only are we in the midst of the busy holiday season, but I am preparing for a holiday bazaar and Penelope started crawling so my hands have been rather full!


The holiday is tomorrow and we decided to lay low and comfortable this year. We are having an intimate Thanksgiving with just me, my husband, Penelope and the dogs.  I’m actually quite excited to do all the cooking! Holidays just don’t feel the same since mom died. In fact, they are just plain bittersweet now. On one hand, I now have Penelope and she is celebrating all of her firsts this year. On the other hand it is a blaring reminder that mom is gone and the 2 year anniversary of her death is right around the corner on December 4th.  I felt an overwhelming need to start some new traditions this year. This is not only for me, but for my new little family as well!

Getting stuffed on stuffing

We decided that we would experiment with some stuffing recipes. It’s something that sounds really fun, and we can keep it up with the kids in the future. Sure, that means we will have 4-5 different types of stuffing each year (one that each person decides upon as well as a nice plain one for “backup” sake) but more so than an overabundance of stuffing, we will have a fun new tradition! Who knows what it may grow into….possibly a stuffing taste test contest, or better yet a new family favorite recipe!

This years contenders

Since Penelope is only 8 months old, can’t talk and can’t eat stuffing this year, she will not be making up her own recipe. However, Cory and I already have!  Cory is planning a scrumptious double meat stuffing consisting of diced green apples, bacon, sausage and walnuts, while I have gone a more ethnic route choosing feta cheese, kalamata olives and water chestnuts! kind of a Mediterranean theme but using the chestnuts instead of cucumbers since I wanted that refreshing crunch after cooking.

I’m excited to see how they turn out! I will definitely do an update on this post and let everyone know how it goes! =)

My question to you:

What holiday traditions do you do for Thanksgiving? Are you starting any new ones this year?

I hope everyone has much luck in their cooking endeavors tomorrow!  Keep posted after the holiday because I will be putting up a great post about what to do with those tasty leftovers!

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