A fish out of water!

Don’t worry, I will get back on track and start talking coupon talk again soon. I was a little distracted by family stuff, crafty stuff and of course Penelope. Not to mention that the stores are rewriting their coupon policies, making it difficult to get as good of deals as I was hauling in. All is not lost though…I’ll continue the coupon deal posts soon!

Today I wanted to give an update on my little buggy Penelope. She is growing so fast (16 months old now) and is changing every day. She has recently gotten four molars in and is chomping away on all kinds of new foods. Her favorite at the moment are frozen grapes.  They always remind me of my grandma. When my sister and I were small we would go to spend the night at her house and she would always have frozen red grapes in her freezer for us.  I’m happy to share that with Penelope now.

In addition to her new teeth she has also started spouting out all kinds of new words. She very politely says please (but it sounds like “peez”) and also asks for her juice by saying “Jush”.  Some other words she now says are: Yeah, No, Doggy, dada, mama, grape, snack, kitty cat, book, doll, baby, broccoli….honestly she says so many now that I can’t even remember them!  We recently started a swim class at the local community center. I felt it was very necessary to get her in the water on a regular basis as she seems to have an aversion to water on her face.  Last Friday was the final day and she was awarded an “Angelfish” certificate. The class went quite well. She still isn’t sold on having water on her face and she wouldn’t do a backfloat if it killed her, but I am super proud to say that she went down the waterslide on her own TWICE and didn’t cry!

Summer is just about half over and it has been a whirlwind of excitement so far. Between playdates, trips to the zoo and playing at our own house with sidewalk chalk, balls and bubbles we have found plenty to keep ourselves entertained. Off to some more summer adventures, catch ya later!

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