Super mom…or just super fortunate?

I am a busy stay at home mom.  Sure, I only have one kid and she is still only 18 months old and extremely manageable.  Yes, I have a small house that doesn’t take an abundant amount of time to clean. It’s even true that I have a wonderful husband who works hard every day so that I can stay home and not worry about trying to earn money and make ends meet. (He even goes so far as to say he doesn’t expect all the housework to be done everyday and that he will help with it once he gets home! I’m lucky right?)   All of the above could make me a very lazy person. I have all the time in the world to sit in front of the TV, to talk on the phone and to surf the internet.  I’m not saying that I’m never tempted to do those things, or that I don’t do them in moderation.  Heck! I even allow myself a lazy day once in a while, but I am just not the personality type to sit.  I am a stander, a do-er, a creator, a maker.  If you give me the time I will fill it up with something, whether it is something that NEEDS to be done or something that I FIND to do, it doesn’t matter. I like to stay busy!

I often hear from family and friends that I am amazing. (okay, before I go on I must type out this disclaimer: I am in no way trying to say myself that I think I am amazing. I am not one to gloat, in fact I am often told by people close to me that I am overly modest, so please note that as I write this post I feel very uncomfortable talking about myself in such a light. rant done.)Anyhow, I am told that it makes people tired to even read about all the stuff I do in a day. I am often given the title of Super Mom. (thanks everyone! It is maybe a little dramatic, but I really do appreciate that people notice how much I love my little girl).  Well I would just like to set the record straight!

I am not amazing. I am not Super Mom.  Here is a list of what I do believe I AM:

  • A woman who took four years, lots of doctors, a surgery and tons of stress to finally get pregnant.
  • A pregnant woman who injected a needle in my swollen belly every twelve hours for an entire year so that I could make sure my little girl was safe and would make it out into the world okay.
  • A mother who is so completely grateful for her little sweet girl because I thought I would never be able to have a child of my own.
  • A mother who realizes that every second of every day spent with my baby is the best way that I could be spending it.
  • A mother who wants the best for her child and will do all kinds of tiring work all day long to make that happen.
  • I am also a wife that loves her husband
  • A wife that understands how much he sacrifices to make our family life a good one
  • I am a wife that strives to be even half as wonderful as my husband is to me

I am the way that I am because I love my family. I want to give them the best of me.  I really appreciate all of the kind comments from people. I just hope others realize they are also Super Moms, just with their own list of reasons and their own way of showing their families how much they care. <3

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