Cute jeans and zoo trips

Last week we beat the heat by heading out to the shady, windy corridors of the Oregon Zoo.  I loaded up Penelope, myself and my best friend Emy and we set out on an adventure full of animals, ice cream and lots of walking.

The night before I had made Penelope a cute little pair of stretchy skinny jeans using a Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop pattern (yes I sometimes use other peoples patterns when I’m too lazy or busy to draft up my own….) . These bad boys are so detailed and I’m just in love!  I’ll have to make her many more pairs as I see them being a wardrobe staple!  I just added them as a made to order item in my shop so if you are interested in a pair they come in sizes 12 months through 10 years and you can find them here.

Penelope really wanted to see zebras, lions and monkeys so we made our way into Africa. We had watched The Lion King that morning to prepare ourselves and she had a lot of fun pointing out the animals from the movie.

After visiting the lions we made our way over to the pygmy goat petting area. Penelope got to go in and pet and brush the goats. She wanted to kiss them so bad but I put my foot down, so a head hug was the next best thing I suppose.

After the goats she threw a giant 2 yr old tantrum and we booked it on out of there. I guess it was too much excitement mixed with no nap and warm temperatures….lol. Oh the joys of having a 2 year old ;)


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