Toddler Activities: Glitter putty

I have been wanting to do this for quite some time after seeing a friend make her son some. I was so excited when I was at Target today and saw that they had glitter glue in purple! Purple is … Continue reading

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Toddler art project: Painting rocks

As a SAHM I often have to get creative with fun ideas to fill up our days. I always have to be mindful of how much each activity will cost, living on a single income and all. Last week Penelope … Continue reading

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PDF Sewing Patterns by Pineapple Penelope Patterns

Over the past few years, Marmalade Forest has taken me on a wonderful sewing journey. I have found much success with unexpected items like Narwhal hats and Mallard Duck costumes and I have been running to keep up with a … Continue reading

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Lazy Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe

I love cheesecake! It is so yummy, but it takes a long time to make and isn’t exactly the healthiest treat.  Some nights, however, my mind tells me “you NEED cheesecake!”  So, the other night I said “okay mind, here … Continue reading

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How to make a Minecraft Creeper plush toy

As you may have realized, I adore sewing of all kinds. I was bit by the sewing bug when I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter and I haven’t looked back since. Although drafting patterns and sewing clothing designs … Continue reading

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Tank top remix!

Did you see it?! Did ya??!! The sun is shining and tank tops are on sale at Target for only $6!!!  I’ve lost a good 35 pounds since last summer so it is safe to say I have just about … Continue reading

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Crockin’ Girl’s Chicken Tortilla Soup

I adore my crockpot! It allows me to start dinner in the morning during my down time and then relax all day….or rather spend time with my crazy little 3 year old.  I make dinner in the crock pot about … Continue reading

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Winter Round-up survey!

Hey ladies and gents…I am currently planning out my stock for this coming winter. As many of you are aware, I take part in a large craft show around Christmas time and I am going to be preparing all summer … Continue reading

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Easter Celebrations

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Easter holiday! We had such a wonderful time with family. We woke up and Penelope got right to work searching for the Easter basket that the bunny hid. Then it was on … Continue reading

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My Little Pony Birthday party favors

The birthday posts continue! Don’t fret…I am almost finished with them ;)  Today I wanted to quickly touch on the party favors, treat bags, whatever you choose to call them.  I’m just going to show some pictures of what I … Continue reading

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